We offer a full range of training courses in purchasing, procurement, logistics, supplier development, audits, project management, component approvals and supplier implementation or SQA.

Training based on many years of experience backed up by a theory.

Closed training on the subject of purchasing, procurement, logistics, projects management, supplier implementation, product releasing or SQA.

The scope of the training can be chosen from a list prepared by our company or created on the customer needs.


  • supplier base management (purchasing and sourcing, direct/ indirect materials, MRO purchasing management, services, search for sources of supply, the identification of the relevant supplier)
  • bill of costs for engineers and merchants
  • advanced purchasing management (search for suppliers, the identification of the relevant supplier)
  • strategic purchases
  • create and manage the material group (commodity management)
  • global commodity management, direct or indirect materials, services, MRO
  • global development of e-procurement
  • negotiations
  • agreements with suppliers.


  • management of stock and supply,
  • consignment stock – when to create, how to define, what kind of contracts, how to administrate
  • determination of the DoH, the minimum time and safety stock quantity, how to use, the Wilson’s model,


  • supplier development
  • projects leading
  • financial projects analysis, heuristic method Z-SCORING
  • supplier / component releasing
  • PARETO analysis, supplier preferencing and positioning model, DoH, ppm, SPC, Cp, Cpk, complaint management
  • audits due to VDA/TS requirements
  • supplier release, project methodology in accordance with DMAIC, SIX SIGMA, MILESTONES, cross-tests.

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