• Welcome to PURSYNTECH website

    In Pursynetch, we are optimizing and integrating the purchasing, procurement, production and quality processes. We specialize in the development of the philosophy of LEAN in each stage of the process, thereby increasing their effectiveness. Our work is a combination of passion and experience.

  • Consulting and advice

    We provide consulting services in the field of purchasing, procurement, quality and supply chain management. We offer optimal solutions tailored to the needs of the Customer. We offer consultations on defining...


    We offer a full range of training courses in purchasing, procurement, logistics, supplier development, audits, project management, component approvals and supplier implementation or SQA.Training based on many years of experience backed up by a theory...


    Knowledge is the basis of every business, knowledge of suppliers is the key to success. Not everything has to be done, you have to do alone, some things are better left to the experts...
  • We offer individual approach to each project.

    Any proposed solution is the result of a common work. As the key to success is to understand the Customer’s needs and expectations. Each project is preceded by analysis to define current state of the process, then to propose changes, and implement them, watching that our work results have met Customer expectations.