Supplier development

We support the development of suppliers. We can define areas requiring corrective action to meet the expectations of the customer. Supplier development will result in increase of quality level of the materials and services or in decrease of number of complaints, and in increase the cash flow by defining the cash outflows, which positively affect the finances of the company. We can carry out projects aimed at the development of suppliers – lowering costs in the supply chain by setting the processes, that allow to define and monitor the significant cost of “fleeing” difficult to define.

Tasks that define the supplier development include all activities designed to meet the customer expectations, and in particular:

  • - define the customer needs, in relation to the procured materials and services
  • - determine the level of acceptance of supplied materials and services
  • - determine the ability to control the deliveries and the impact of their quality level on the customer manufacturing process
  • - loss estimate of non-compliance with the expectations, especially in case of the lack of compensation when complaint shutdown process is not monitored properly
  • - leading projects to improve the quality level of the provided materials and services
  • - learning of the product by the supplier and the customer
  • - formal definition of the requirements by the adaption of appropriate entries on quality, including catalogue of defects and adapted levels of quality
  • - audit, preparation schedule of audits, verification of methodology and production processes
  • - define measurable determinants of supplier qualification and production processes
  • - calculation of savings, as a result of implemented corrective action.

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