Selection and evaluation of suppliers

The proper supplier selection is an essential issue, creating the long lasting relation and cooperation with supplier, determining the cost level, therefore and this way that creates the product & services price attractiveness. We can support the supplier selection process, delivering our commitment knowledge and experience.

We offer:

  • establishment of the criteria for supplier selection and evaluation
  • make the proper supplier selection, choose the most optimal source of supply, take into account the multi-criteria assessment on commercial, logistics and quality aspects
  • analyze the market and its determinants, and we investigate the market of prospective suppliers
  • assess the financial situation of suppliers, using the heuristic tools for examining the financial condition of potential supplier
  • show how to select supplier, how to lead the supplier release process, which kind of tools and methods should be used
  • negotiate contract, price and conditions
  • deliver savings, and our motto is total cost ownership (TCO) reduction, because as long as the costs are analyzed, the achieved savings surpass the simple price reduction.

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