Quality management

The cost of quality, and the cost of the lost quality. We will show you how to optimize and balance that part of the cost. We will calculate and present how the cost of the lost quality affects the company finances. We point out how to manage that costs to avoid the negative impact on financial results. Quality issues significantly affect the financial statement of the company.

Quality is not all, but everything without quality is nothing.

The quality is a cost, we know the difference between cost and price.

We will show you how:

  • to analyze the process capability CP, CPK, PPM, AQL
  • conduct complaints in the proper way, also on the basis of the 8D and in a manner, consistent with the LEAN methodology
  • create savings projects to prevent the reoccurrence of a complaint
  • to assess the supplier ability to guarantee the requested quality level, how to calculate and assess ppm level as well as AQL, and suggest the formal methods to monitor the quality level, by creating quality agreements and quality defects catalogues
  • to use the modern tools of quality management
  • to transfer the customer needs within the whole supply chain.

Moreover we can:

  • create tools to analyses the quality of the supplier, to monitor the timeline and recovery of complaints
  • tell you how to manage claims, which form problems and to close them, we will indicate and suggest the 8D method
  • help you to implement the process of the component acceptance and release in accordance with the methodology MILESTONES, DMAIC, MEDIC
  • implement continuous improvement and planning system PDCA
  • create suppliers rating system
  • create a reporting system.

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