Operational consulting


The area in which we are dealing, that is carrying out projects in the field of direct and indirect materials, investments, maintenance, product and supplier development, the process and the quality of the SQA/SQD. We know how to run projects, so that they are effective, using the philosophy of TCO (total cost of ownership) and LEAN, where price is no longer an indicator of success. The crucial area to manage remains cost management, which has a decisive influence on the price level. We will show you how to perform a bill of costs of manufacture, indicating the areas of purchasing and the supply chain, whose development will improve financial results of the company.

WE can perform the “make or buy” analyses. The consequence of a decision to “buy” is the selection of the contractor, such a supplier, which can raise the value of the company, through the contribution of its technology, expertise, know-how. Such a choice must be well thought out and must be a result of process of structural approach, as it released the supplier may be a trustworthy partner. Implementation of the supplier, its products and solutions is not a simple process, sometimes it consists of a number of stages:

  • Audit- we can perform an audit of the supplier in accordance with the requirements of the automotive industry VDA/TS
  • Product release – we have many years of experience in suppliers / products / production process release. We can use many tried and tested methods for multi-phase/ cross tests and trials, where cooperation of many departments of the company will be required, as well as the potential resources of the supplier. We know the methodology and tools to monitor progress. We can determine the parameters and the exemption process, using tools such as: DMAIC, ppm, Cp, Cpk, Cm, Cmk, etc.
  • To establish formal cooperation by concluding contracts: commercial, logistic and quality. By this we do mean that, we can help with the implementation of proper delivery model i.e. just in time delivery, on time delivery, VMI, consignment stock. When the material aspect of cooperation, we provide our knowledge by establishing the parameters for the supplier evaluation (KPI) in terms of commercial, logistics and quality. In addition, we will advice how to organize proper workflow and will show you the possibilities and scope of modern tools supporting the advanced cooperation with suppliers.

Local and global purchasing

Because of the development of globalization and the Internet the world is getting smaller, which is the main tool for the exchange of information and data. Currently it is difficult to confine themselves to the local market. We know how to lead global projects. We have knowledge and experience in project management, whose effects reach far beyond the local businesses.
Leading the international projects like direct / indirect materials, buy for resale products, the MRO (maintenance, repair and operations), as well as an international consulting for the share of best practices and know-how. We know, how to make the transfer of the technology, how to relocate production units and how to run it after dislocation.


We can offer you a wide range of analyses of the company and supplier base starting from the analysis of the components (ABC XYZ), PARETO, preferentiality and positioning of supplier, determining the risk of cooperation, through advanced analysis of process capability Cp, Cm, ppm. To verify the status of the stock inventory we can provide methodology like CLIP, DoH, OLIP. We can point out how to implement one of the storage systems based on bar coding, FIFO, LIFO and much, much more.

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