When there is a need to restructure purchasing, procurement, logistics or quality department, where there is a belief that the current structure and segregation of duties is not adequate to the expectations of the organization and does not correspond with the market requirements, we can offer help in defining new responsibilities – matrix RACI. We can assist the customer by offering new procedures or purchasing instructions.

We can also temporarily manage the selected department for the time of the new structure implementation.

Restructuring may include:

  • analysis of the tasks and obligations, in sections responsible for purchasing, procurement, logistics, quality, finance
  • defining the division of responsibilities of the individuals
  • analysis of the relationship within organization, reciprocal links, procedures, the circulation of documents and information between the various units
  • reviewing the procedures compliance with standard activities
  • implementing improvements, after the analysis of the discrepancies between the current and required status
  • suggested changes are based on the LEAN philosophy, which means simplify the workflow and production processes to make operational functioning of the company improved. We save time and money.

Define RACI matrix will indicate the areas of the company, department, which depending on the type of activity will be the owners of the processes, (A) its contractors (R), or those that need to be consulted in the aspects of (C), whether it be only departments informed (I).

We offer a solution of procedures and/or instructions to secure effective organizational structure of the company.

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