About us

ul. Umultowska 102c/1
61-614 Poznań

VAT Number: PL 9721249881
Register Number: 302746881

The company is run by two experienced professionals, who deal with the issues of purchasing, engineering and quality from 17 years, who have been leading projects for large companies from the automotive, medical, lighting and FMCG sectors. This extensive experience with theoretical knowledge guarantees the professionalism of projects using the modern supporting methods and tools. We have technical, legal and financial education. We possess the certificate of the Ministry of Finance, entitling us to make the financial analysis of companies. We can read the bill of costs understanding the importance of this matter for the engineers. Having internal and external auditors certificates to conduct audits, we can audit the suppliers in accordance with the requirements of the German car manufacturers, certificate VDA 6.3.

We have audited the production and design processes, necessary for the automotive industry, but also of the others, because of the best tools which can be used generally.

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